Rabu, Agustus 31, 2016

To: Someone That Already Gone

To: Someone that Already Gone

I didn't expect that a tight knot can untied in the end. Yes, farewell that I didn't want finally came close. Maybe this moment is the hardest time to me because I always think that we will last longer. But don't worry, I will not blame you. I know that we couldn't getting back together and perfectly know that I couldn't protect precious things that already gone. Right, I was not a good girl for you and I'm always not enough to you. Haha I think I'm such a fool. You were always by my side and cheer me up everytime I'm feeling down. You also tell me everythings about your family and said that there's no one that know your story like I do. But why is that the reason I couldn't recognize that farewell was coming?
I really hate your cold act to me. You used to ask why I didn't came to our favorite place and waited for me, but now you're colder that a stranger. It feels like I can't see your foolish act again and it scares me. Yes, I think now our backs turned against each other and we already looking at different places and about to throw everything away. Maybe it's all my fault because I started to held and trapped you, and maybe you think that my love became more venomous.
But it's okay. I'm letting you go right now. Maybe you're not the right person for me or this is not the right time to falling in love. Just give me some time to forget everythings about us. Maybe it'll take enough time but don't worry, I'll try it. Thanks for everythings.